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SQLData SAML Server

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)  is a  XML based protocol for exchanging security decisions between trusted partners. For instance, authentication and authorization decision made by one security provider can be valid at another service provider through a prearranged agreement. SAML is considered the foundation for federated identity management and single sign-on (SSO) of web applications/services.

SQLData SAML implementation has three major parts: 

  • SAML Services: This is the service provider that constructs and delivers SAML assertions. SAML statements implemented include SubjectStatement, AuthenticationStatement, AttributeStatement and AuthorizationDecisionStatement.
  • SAML Client: This is a COM object that is capable of performing SAML queries and deserialize results. The component supports all queries,  including SubjectQuery, AuthenticationQuery, AttributeQuery and AuthorizationDecisionQuery. It makes an SAML query as easy as a function call.
  • Security Provider API: This is an API that allows SAML services to interface with a security provider. Note that SAML defines how decisions are delivered from one point to another, but it doesn't define how the decisions are made. The Security Provider API allows use of existing security infrastructure to make such decisions. 

Key Features

  • Comprehensive SAML 1.1 implementation: SQLData SAML Server and client support all statements and queries defined in the SAML specification.
  • High performance: Written in C++ and optimized for large transactions.
  • Strong Security: The service provide assertion level signature, SOAP message signature and encryption.
  • Standalone SAML server with SOAP profile support.
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