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Product Pricing

 Note: Some of our security products may under the US export restrictions and we may only sell to customers in the United States. You must provide us your address and contact information if you wish to purchase such products.

Product Description Price  
XMLCrypto XMLCrypto Object (version 1.0) (Single User License) $950.00
XMLCrypto XMLCrypto Object (version 1.0) (Server license or redistributable) $2500.00
XKMS 2.0 Client XKMS Client (version 3.6) (Single User License) $950.00
XKMS 2.0 Client XKMS Client (version 3.6) (Server License or redistributable) $2500.00
SOAP Transport Library SOAP Transport Library (version 2.5) $495.00
SOAP Client Library C++ SOAP Client Library (Single License) $495.00
SOAP Client Library C++ SOAP Client Library (Redistributable) $1995.00
ODBC Broker Broker (Single License) $495.00
ODBC Broker Broker (Redistributable) $1950.00
SOAP Server SOAP Server with Client Library $7975.00
XKMS 2.0 Server Standalone XKMS with SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 implementations Please contact us
SAML 1.1 Server Standalone SAML server with SOAP 1.1 binding Please contact us

How to Buy Product:

  1. Download a copy of the software, it comes with a trial license.
  2. Click the PayPal button and pay it using your credit card.
  3. We will send you a commercial license when the payment is approved.

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