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SQLData User Guide

How to setup the server, administrate the server, perform database operations and solve common problems.

Getting Started

Information about basic operations of the server, how to start, access, etc.

Template Token Guide

How to create live database service and publish dynamic information to the Internet using template tokens.

Server Configuration

For administrators, configure the server for live operations, fine tune performance, set up server groups, tighten security.

ODBC Broker

User guide for ODBC Broker library. Adding ODBC capabilities with some simple routines.

Server Scripting Guide

Build dynamic content using SQLData script language with powerful data access capability.

Server Programming Guide

Develop plug-in components for SQLData server. Details about server API for programmers.

Building Business Logic

How to build powerful web applications using SQLData Server. Create report, SQL Procedures, triggers etc.

SOAP Client Programming Guide

Develop SOAP enabled applications and access web services using our C++ Soap Client Library.



Frequently Asked Questions


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