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The sample demonstrates how to write a SOAP client  application using SQLData SOAP Client  library. It accesses the web service at http://www.soapclient.com and calls Method1 to get 
 an echo of the two input parameters.

	// initialize the parameter array for the method call. The array must end with NULL.
	TCHAR* pParams[3]={"My First Param", "My Second Param", NULL};
	// create an soapagent in debug mode (mode=4)
	SoapAgent *pSoapAgent= MakeSoapAgent(NULL, NULL, 4);
		return -1;

	std::string * pOutput;
	unsigned int nSize=0;
	// invoke the remote method
		"http://www.soapclient.com/xml/soapresponder.wsdl", // WSDL file
		"Method1",		// method name to be invoked.
		pParams,		// array of input parameters.
		&pOutput,		// array of output parameters
		&nSize			// number of output variable in pOutput
		// print out results
		for(int i=0; i<nSize; i++)
			_tprintf("%s\n", pOutput[i].c_str());
		// obtain error string when failed.
		_tprintf("Error String %s\n", pSoapAgent->GetErrorString());
	return 0;

You can also access web services in Visual Basic or Active Server Pages using our SoapAgent object. The following is all you need to get a stock quote:

Dim MyAgent As SoapAgent
Set MyAgent = New SoapAgent

MyAgent.AddParameter "symbol", "msft", ""
MyAgent.ExecuteMethod "http://services.xmethods.net/soap/urn:xmethods-delayed-quotes.wsdl", "getQuote"
MsgBox MyAgent.GetResponse("Result")

Please visit http://www.SoapClient.com for more information and sample applications.

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