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SQLData XKMS 2.0 Client

XKMS client is a faithful implementation of W3C XKMS 2.0 Specification.  The toolkit has participated in the W3C interoperability testing and passed all the required tests.

The XKMS client is implemented in C/C++ as a COM object. It can be used in C/C++ applications as well as scripting environment such as VBScript or ASP pages. The object encapsulates the complexity of XKMS and makes XKMS operations as easy as a few function calls. 

Key Features

  • Support two phase protocol: The client can perform two phase exchanges with a XKMS service automatically and use nonce provided by the service provider in subsequent requests.
  • Capable of performing asynchronous processing: The client can get status information of a previous issued request, and retrieve results when ready.
  • Support of key generations on both client side and server side.
  • Use WS-Security for service level authentication.
  • Automatic XML signature verification.

Download and Installation

The XKMS 2.0 client can be downloaded here. It is an installer that guides you through a simple setup process. There are sample C/C++ projects, and plenty of sample VB scripts to get you started quickly. The installer generates a 15-day trial license, please contact us at info2-at-sqldata-dot-com if you need to extend the trial period or to purchase the toolkit.

XKMS 2.0 Client Sample Code:

1. Key Registration:

    The following code registers a client generated key, and returns an X.509 certificate.

'create an XKMS client object
set myClient = CreateObject ("SQLData.XKMSClient2")
myClient.SetProperty "ServerAddress","http://soapclient.com/xml/xkms2"
'Set key infomation 
myClient.SetKeyInfo "XKMSTester", ""
'This is the pass phrase for revoking the key
myClient.SetProperty "PassPhrase", "Help I Have Revealed My Key"
'add X.509 required info
myClient.AddUseKeyWith "urn:ietf:rfc:2459", _ "C=US;L=Gaithersburg;S=MD;O=SQLData;OU=DEV;CN=XKMS Tester"
'generate the key and register 
myCertificate = myClient.Register "tester@sqldata.com", "password",1
wscript.echo myClient.GetResponse("Envelope")

 2. Key Validation:

The following code check the validity of a key named XKMSTester.

'create an XKMS client object
set myClient = CreateObject ("SQLData.XKMSClient2")
myClient.SetProperty "ServerAddress","http://soapclient.com/xml/xkms2"
'This validates a pre-registered public key
isValid = myClient.Validate ("XKMSTester" ,"", "tester@sqldata.com")
wscript.echo isValid

The product can be purchased online here using paypal.

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