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The SQLData Enterprise Server

The SQLData Enterprise Server is a powerful application server specially designed for database services.  It is a multi-process, multi-thread and multi-tier web database application aimed to mission-critical Internet/Intranet database services. You can create multi-tier application quickly using the server. As the matter of fact, the SQLData Desktop Server is an instance of the SQLData Enterprise Server created for personal database access.

In addition to allow user to create their own web pages, the server offers very flexible architecture for adding application specific logic or generating custom reports. The server allows the following types of application/business logic for database operations:

  1. Execution of customer supplied SQL commands (scripts) when a specific database request is received.
  2. Execution of soft triggers (before trigger and after trigger ) under a given condition even the DBMS doesn't support triggers.
  3. Execution of server scripts (C  scripts) for data validation and verification for a given table.
  4. Support of custom reports through SQL queries.

A 15 day trial version of the SQLData Desktop Server is   available for download. It contains many of the database capabilities provided by the core Enterprise Server components.

Key Benefits

bulletDynamic HTML creation: The SQLData server creates HTML based on template commands or server scripts at runtime.
bulletSupport dynamic SQL commands: The server is capable of processing SQL commands either embedded in a HTML page or in a formatted URL. Users can supply custom-template file to specify where and how the result set should be displayed.
bulletHeterogeneous Data Access: SQL queries can be used to retrieve information from multiple DBMS through ODBC, the result sets can be displayed in a single HTML page.
bulletDatabase connection caching and pooling:  The SQLData Enterprise Server caches database connections to increase performance.
bulletSession Management: The server provides embedded session control, session management capabilities.
bulletDynamic Server Group : A group of servers coordinates as if they were a single server. All resources can be accessed either from a single point of entry of multiple entries.
bulletDistributed database services:  Databases can be partitioned into multiple servers to increase performance. Database requests are processed by multiple servers without special setup and configuration.
bulletSecure Access:  Standard Unix style authentication and Windows NT authentication are supported.  Multiple user groups and multiple access levels can be granted to different users.
bulletSecure data transmission: The server uses SSL for secure communication between server to clients, and server to server.  Secret key encryptions are also available for between-server data exchanges.
bulletRemote Data Replication: Database replication can be initiated from any host by administrators. Later version will support scheduled replications.
bulletIncremental backup: The primary server keeps all backup servers up-to-date by multicasting incremental backup messages.
bulletWindows NT Remote Administration: The SQLData Desktop Server allows administrators to control system processes and services using a web browser.
bulletSQLData service request protocol (SRP):  SRP allows database requests to be sent as standard HTTP GET/POST messages plus user credentials. The server responds with result sets  as dynamically generated HTML pages.  The server can be used behind other web servers as a second tier (dedicated) database server.
bulletServer plug-in and template token processor: User can extend the capability of the server by supplying server plug-in (for handling special requests) or by creating template token processor (for generating especially formatted result sets).
bulletWeb server integration: The server can be easily integrated with other web server to create a powerful data-driven  web application. Our Connectivity Pack contains some components and APIs that facilitate such developments.

For further technical information about the SQLData Enterprise Server, check out the Feature List or the user guide. Please visit  http://www.MallAgent.com to see how they build the most powerful comparison shopping site using SQLData products.

The product can be downloaded from our web page.


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