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Internet/Intranet Application Development

We can provide custom template pages for all SQLData servers and create web application according to specification. Because we know the details of the servers, we are able to delivery it in a very timely manner based on your requests.

We can also provide the following services :

  1. Database Navigation: We can provide dynamic pages to support record set browsing (i.e., moving from one record set to another including MoveFirst, MoveLast, MoveNext, MovePrevious capabilities). We can also provide HTML pages that support smart links such as cascade queries, master-detail linkage based on the primary keys and secondary keys of your databases.
  2. Customized Data Entry Pages: We can  provide server-side scripts to create data entry screens according to your specification. Components can also be built to support data validation, and email notification.
  3. Data Encryption: To further secure data transmission, we can provide strong encryption using the algorithm you prefer.
  4. Business Logic: Adding business logic into the server for data validation, data integrity and data consistency.

If you already have a web server. We can also integrate SQLData server into your web server so that all database related requests are handled by the SQLData server.


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