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Custom components for the SQLData Servers

Although we have tried very hard to make the server extensible, there will always be special needs. We can build components for the SQLData servers that provide customized handling for certain HTTP requests. Let us know what your needs are and we would be glad to add some extensions.

bulletSession Management:  The SQLData server supports basic session support. We can develop more sophisticated session management such as highly secured login, automatic session expiration, and other session control mechanism.
bulletData Validation/Verification: We can build part of your business logic into the server so that data integrity and consistency  is maintained at the highest level.
bulletEvent Triggers and Scheduled Tasks: We are able to build triggers in dependent of your DBMS. The trigger fires a series of SQL commands when certain conditions are met. The Event Triggers can be applied to any ODBC data sources. The trigger becomes a scheduled task when the event is a timer. Scheduled tasks are useful for backing up data sources, cleaning up temporary storage and other database maintenance jobs.

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