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Custom-built SQLData Server

If you have specific needs in your database services, such as custom encryption/decryption algorithm, application specific data validation, or business related transaction control. We can build special edition to meet your requirements.  For the Dynamic Server Groups (DSG), we offers the following choices:

bulletDedicated Group Controller: A server that is responsible for group coordination and management. The Group Controller may also be used for designating primary servers and backup servers within the group.
bulletDatabase Proxy: This is special server that performs security checking and session management. All database requests are dispatched to other hosts. The server is used for enhancing server security (customer never directly interacts with database servers) and for better load balancing (The proxy server has all information needed for distributing requests evenly).
bulletBackup Server: Any of the SQLData server can serve as a backup server to one of the host in the environment (one to one backup). If you need to have a backup server that supports multiple primary servers, we would be glad to build a special version for you.

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