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SQLData SOAP Server v3.0

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a  XML based protocol for exchanging information over the Internet. It is a powerful tool for building web services and performing distributed computations.

SQLData SOAP server is a bottom-up implementation of SOAP v1.1 and v1.2 standards. Written in C++ with efficiency and reliability in mind, it is a high performance and low footprint SOAP service with build-in HTTP/HTTPS supports. The server comes with a flexible Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) parser, a powerful SOAP Actor, a dynamic SOAP client, and a smart XML Cache Manager. It is one of the best SOAP implementations in the industry.

With the SOAP server, building web services becomes a simple task of creating COM objects and generating WSDL files. When a SOAP request is received,  the server validates the message, parses the WSDL file, constructs input parameters and invokes the specified SOAP method. The results are then converted to a SOAP response message to the remote caller.

One of the key features of SQLData SOAP server is that it can act as a SOAP client or intermediary. Services requested may end up being processed by another SOAP service provider. The routing process is totally transparent to callers.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive SOAP 1.1 implementation: The server supports many features defined in the SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 specifications. It allows not only accessing object methods, but also invoking routines written in other programming languages such as C, Java, VBScript, etc.
  • WSDL Enabled: The server has a fully implemented WSDL parser. It also works well with out WSDL file.
  • Non-SOAP services Access: The server is capable of programming non-SOAP services such as HTTP services and SMTP services,  and turning them into SOAP services. 
  • Service Request Language (SRL): The XML based language provides interfaces not only to web services, but also to local services such as directory services or database services. It is an ideal tool for integrating web services with legacy systems and DBMS systems. 
  • Database Enabled: The server turns database services into SOAP services instantly with no programming required. SOAP client can issue SQL commands against ODBC data sources after installation.
  • Complete Data Type Support: The server can handle virtually any data types, simple or complex, in SOAP request messages.
  • Array Data Type: Single dimensional array is supported.
  • Id/href Handling: The server automatically de-references href in both SOAP messages and WSDL files.
  • RPC and Document Handling: The server is capable of processing both RPC style messages (section 5, 7 encoding) and document style (literal) messages.
  • SOAP Header Support: The server handles header and multiple headers within a single requests. Headers are dispatched to registered handlers and the final results are merged with the response message.
  • High Compatibility: Our SOAP client and server are known to be compatible with many other SOAP servers and clients. We are one of the earliest participants in all rounds of SOAP interop tests with excellent results. Our generic client  is used by thousands of users every day to access web services. 
  • Multi-language Support: Web service component can be written in C/C++, COM, JavaScript, VBScript and other active scripting languages.
  • Multipart/form-data MIME encoding: SOAP attachment capability is provided.
  • Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME): SOAP attachments encoded as DIME are decoded automatically.
  • Support WS-Routing (SOAP Routing) protocol. It can be used either as a SOAP intermediary or a final destination. We have a live service available at http://soapclient.com/SoapRouter.html.
  • High Data Integrity with XML Signature: The server can sign SOAP messages using digital certificates and encrypts the signature using receiver's public key. This makes SOAP messages tamper-proof.
  • Data Security: The server supports XML-Encryption, it can encrypt SOAP messages in whole or in parts using public key cryptography (see example).
  • Authentication: The server provides basic, digest and token-based authentications methods with SSL. Customized authentication schemes are also supported. 
  • WSDL Caching: Remote WSDL files are automatically cached locally with configurable expiration time.

Major Components

SQLData SOAP server has the following key components:

  • SOAP/HTTP client: The client is compatible with almost all well-known SOAP implementations. It also provides direct access to other web services using web browser.
  • XML Schema Parser: A very powerful schema parser supports complex data constructs,  simple and derived data types, array definitions, namespace handling and lookups,  and schema imports/includes.
  • WSDL Parser: The component parses and validates service description files of different kinds. It uses SAX 2.0 XML parser as basis.
  • SOAP Transport: The component provides extensible wiring methods for SOAP messages. Currently supported transports include HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and MSMQ.
  • SRL Processor: This is the Service Request Language processor, which is the key part of SQLData Integration Server. SRL is a much higher protocol than SOAP. It allows direct access to all HTTP services (SOAP or non-SOAP) using regular programming language such as C/C++.
  • SOAP Actor: This component fulfills SOAP requests. It is responsible for activating/creating objects, converting data, invoking methods, and packaging results. 
  • SOAP Serializer/De-serializer: It packs/unpacks SOAP messages and constructs SOAP parameters for method invocation.
  • UDDI Interface: Based on SRL and our SOAP client library, the interface allows direct access to UDDI registries.
  • SOAP Security: The component provides XML signature and encryption services.


  • Works only on Windows platforms.
  • Doesn't handle sparse array and multi-dimensional array.

Download File:

You can download a trial version by filing a simple request form.

Sample Applications:

  • Generic SOAP Client: This is our SOAP client in action. It can dynamically access any available web services given a WSDL file. It is a very useful tool for testing web services without writing a SOAP client.

  • SOAP Web Search: This is a SOAP interface to major search engines. It is the first such SOAP services on the web that allows access to non-SOAP services from SOAP applications.

  • SOAP Data Service: The applications shows how conventional database services can be turned into SOAP services. This is an important step toward widely distributed database systems because it makes SQL programming possible over the Internet. 

  • UDDI Browser: This is yet another SOAP client application. Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Service is a SOAP service operated by Microsoft, IBM and others. SQLData SOAP server acts as a client to the public available registry.

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