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C++ Library for SOAP Client 

Version 3.6

SQLData offers a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) client library which allows you to access web services using just a few line of coding. The C++ class library encapsulates all the complexities of SOAP into a single object interface, so you don't need to know COM, XML, Transport and SSL. Designing and implementing a SOAP application  become plain simple C/C++ programming. 

Requirements and Limitations 

bulletSupport UTF-8 encoding only.
bulletRuns only on Windows Platforms (Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP), VC++ 6.0 required for build.

Key Features

bulletWork with WSDL (and without).
bulletFlexible SOAP Message Template (See User Guide).
bulletEmbedded transport protocols.
bulletPlug-in SAX XML Parser.
bulletLight weight, very small memory footprint.
bulletWork on Win 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP.
bulletCompatible with many SOAP 1.1, 1.2 implementations.
bulletCapable of handling any data types (with message templates).
bulletPerform dynamic binding of objects and parameters.
bulletSupport proxy and SSL.
bulletMultiple Transports.  
bulletSupport WS-Routing (SOAP Routing) protocol.
bulletSupport both MIME and DIME encoding in attachments.
bulletVery high performance.

SOAP Client version 3.6 Released!

Features include:

bulletClient side WSDL caching to further boost performance..
bulletImproved SSL support.
bulletAdded XSLT Transformation support.
bulletMany security and performance improvements.
bulletSupport DIME attachments.

SOAP Client version 3.5

Features include:

bulletBinding has been changed from index-based to name-based. Parameter names are required for ExecuteMethod calls.
bulletSupport complicate data types, includes structs and nested structs.
bulletEnhanced array support.
bulletSupport WSDL import and recursive import.
bulletBug fixes from interoperability testing.
bulletNew COM object for VB scripting environments such as ASP and VBA.

The download file

It comes completely with binaries, libraries, header files, samples and documentation. This is a trial version with 15-day expiration.

Description File File Info Document
SOAPClient Library SoapClient36g.exe   version 3.6g. A major release (05/25/2005) Using SOAP Client v3.5


bullet    This sample shows how to access a web service using the library. 
bullet    This code segment demonstrates how to do Google search using the library. 
bullet    SoapClient.com's Generic SOAP Client is implemented using the library.

Interoperability Tests

The client library is known to be interoperable with many SOAP implementations. It has undergone extensive testing against other SOAP implementations in all rounds of SOAP interoperability tests. The results are listed at soapclient.com.

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